Default Author for Auto-Posting

  • The Default Author for Auto-Posting from RSS Feed will be created while the plugin "Real Estate AutoBlogger" installation process.


  • The Default Author User Name will be generated from your site admin User Name. If you want to rename this user, you can do so in the User's Profile.


  • The Email Address for this Default Author will be generated from the User Name and your domain name. For example: if the User Name will be "John Smith" then the Email Address for this Author will be - "".


  • The Email Address for the Default Author is required and will be used only on the process of plugin installation and Author creation processes.


  • You are still able to rename this Default Author and you can create the real email address for that User registered on your site.


  • To login under that Author on your site, you will need to reset the password for that user in your admin dashboard.
  • You may create a new Author on your site manually as a regular user with the role "Author". And then you can change the Default Author to the Author which was registered by you.

To change the Default Author, please open the page "REAB RSS".

"General Settings" (bottom) section "Author for RSS Autoposting" - click at the button "Change the Author"


Select your Author from the dropdown list.


And click at the button "Update the Author".

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