Schedule RSS Posting

Is this the first time will be activated your Subscription? First of all, we recommend setting the RSS Post Schedule. And only after the Scheduler setting you will activate the Private RSS Key.

It is the preferred sequence because your Subscription will be launched immediately after activation of the Private RSS Key. And it means that if you will not set your preferred Day and Time for Publication, the first Publication will be Scheduled by default into "00:00 Monday".

Please, don't worry, if you missed this part and already Activated the Subscription Private RSS Key. Then at this moment you already have your first Scheduled Post from our RSS Feed. You can change the Schedule Day and Time for any of our posts in the usual WordPress Settings. Please read our instruction - "How to change the Schedule for Single Post".

This instruction below will help you set a Schedule for RSS Auto-Posting in the plugin "Real Estate AutoBlogger".

1. On the plugin's "General Settings" page you will find the "Schedule RSS Posting" section.


2. Please click on the field "Select a Day". and select the Day of weeks when should be published Post from our RSS Feed.


"Real Estate AutoBlogger" will get this selected Day and will use the closer Day of the week even if it will be next week. For example: if your current day will be Sunday and you will set Friday as a Day for Scheduler then your Scheduler will take the Friday next week to publish the Post from RSS Feed.


3. Please click on the field "Time". and select the Hour and Minutes of a Day when each Post should be published.


4. Click the button "Save Changes".

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