How does PLEASE REVIEW US work?

get more 5 star Google reviews

Need more 5 star reviews?

no bad google reviews

Worried about bad reviews?

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There's another way!

We take all of the work and frustration out of trying to get reviews for your Company's Google Listing. Our custom-built system allows you to simply enter your clients information and click submit.

From there, Please Reviews Us will send a text message and and 3 emails (over time) to your client requesting a review on your behalf! Our system also helps to avoid negative reviews by filtering them out.

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Just Sign Up Online

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Upload your clients

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Please Review Us Pricing


Per Month

Up to 10 Reviews per month

Great for Realtors

Perfect for Contractors 

Only 4 & 5 Star Star Reviews

Multiple eMails

Text Messaging Requests


Per Month

Up to 50 Reviews per month

Great for Real Estate Brokers

Attorneys and CPAs

Only 4 & 5 Star Reviews

Multiple eMails & Texts

Bulk Upload Option


One Time!

Up to 1,000 Reviews!

One Time Fee

Bulk Upload

Catch Up on All Clients 

Only 4 & 5 Star Reviews

Multiple eMails & Texts

automate your google reviews

Let Please Review Us do the work for you

Please Review Us completely automates your review requests sending a text and multiple emails over 7 days.

Just add your clients name, phone number and email and the review request process of reaching out starts at 10 am the next day.

Only good reviews

Only 4 and 5 star reviews are posted to your Google Business Profile.

Our process helps to ensure that only the best reviews are actually posted to your Google Business Profile.

This lets you make the request of all past customers without the fear of a negative review.

only 4 and 5 star google reviews