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About Please Review Us

Now you can automaticly send a text and multiple emails to your clients requesting a Google Review - and only the BEST ones will post!

By now, everyone knows that positive Google reviews are great for business.  Unfortunately, most professionals are too busy to send multiple request to their past customers.

Now you can automate the process with Please-Review-Us!

Please-Review-Us sends out a text message and 3 emails over time to insure that your client posts a review.

When responding to our automated requests, only reviews with 3 or more stars post to Google!

Why Real Estate Autoblogger?

  • Reviews Automatically Posted

  • Request emails are Branded to YOU

  • Easy Setup

  • Automate Your Reviews for $19.00/Month

  • Automatically sends 1 text and 3 emails

  • Pre-formatted review requests

  • Only the BEST reviews post to Google

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Please Review Us Pricing


Per Month

Up to 10 Reviews per month

Great for Realtors

Perfect for Contractors 

Only 4 & 5 Star Star Reviews

Multiple eMails

Text Messaging Requests


Per Month

Up to 50 Reviews per month

Great for Real Estate Brokers

Attorneys and CPAs

Only 4 & 5 Star Reviews

Multiple eMails & Texts

Bulk Upload Option


One Time!

Up to 1,000 Reviews!

One Time Fee

Bulk Upload

Catch Up on All Clients 

Only 4 & 5 Star Reviews

Multiple eMails & Texts

Choose Your Plan

Choose which Please Review Us plan fits your business best by the number of customers you have per month.

boost your seo

If you have a local business, you already understand that having your Business Profile show up when customers search Google.  Your reviews are the most looked at aspect of your business when people choosing who to work with.

One of the most powerful ranking factors for your Google Business Profile is the quantity and ratings of your Google Reviews.

Automating the Review Request process and only posting to Google the BEST reviews is a sure-fire way to increase your companies online reputation.

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automated google reviews

fully automated reviews

We already have proven templates for the text and emails written for you.  

We automatically send 4 requests over time, 1 text and 3 emails to each client requesting a review.

To make sure that no negative reviews are seen on your Google Profile, we only let reviews with 3-5 stars get posted.  This absolutely eliminates bad reviews on your business!

You only need to add your clients name, email and phone number to our system, everything else is done for you.

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easy setup & fully customized

Upon signing up for Please-Review-Us we create a unique page for you where you can put your past customers information.

Each text and email automatically uses your customers name as well as being branded with your logo.  

We schedule all client communications for you, all you need to do is provide their name, email and phone number.

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Great Google Reviews


Grant Clayton
Grant Clayton
Founder and CEO of 1 Percent Lists

We use Please-Review-Us on all of our client reviews. It's super easy and makes sure we have only the best reviews posted to Google.

Grant Clayton
Grant Clayton
Founder and CEO of 1 Percent Lists

We use Please-Review-Us on all of our client reviews. It's super easy and makes sure we have only the best reviews posted to Google.

Automate Your Reviews

In 2023, positive Google reviews are essential for every business because they help to build trust, establish relationships, increase conversion and generate online leads.


Success in the Digital Age

Your business' success and growth will depend on your online reputation.  Large , successful brands understand that positive reviews on Google are critical to present their brand in a positive light and show past customers are satisfied.

Consistency in reaching out to EVERY customer can become an overwhelming task.  Having an automated process for sending out well written review requests insures that everyone you do business with has the opportunity to leave a review.  Most business owners don't have the time or patience to have mulitple follow ups with each and every client.  

Why is having positive reviews on Google for your business critical for getting new business?


Potential Customers Feel Safe

Reviews can influence potential customers decisions to purchase products or services, and can even help businesses gain more visibility in search engine results pages.

First of all, having good ratings on Google makes your business look more reputable and trustworthy.

77% of people read online reviews before making a purchase decision, and they are often swayed by what others are saying about a certain product or service.

Negative reviews can easily turn away potential customers, and conversely, positive reviews will make them feel more confident about buying from you.


Better Visibility on Google

Another reason why having positive reviews on Google is important is that they help your business rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Google uses its algorithm to determine which websites should appear at the top of SERPs based on various criteria such as relevance, location, quality of content, number of backlinks etc.

Having good ratings from real customers will also boost your ranking since this signals to Google that other people trust your products or services enough to leave a review for them.


Build Quality Relationships

Google reviews help you build relationships with your customers. Customers can say what they like about your offerings which lets them feel involved.


Brand Reputation

Your brand's reputation will improve when you show a great overall average of reviews backed up by tons of great reviews.

Potential customers will associate your company with quality of the reviews of your past clients. 


Automate your businesses reviews

How can you create a process for consistently getting positive reviews on Google?

Please-Review-Us lets you Automat your outreach to past clients insuring that every past customer is contacted.  No need to exclude anyone from the list as if they do leave a negative review, it will not get posted to Google.

There is no other product on the market that automates your outreach and  insures you only get positive Google reviews.


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