Your Review Widget for Your Website

Your customizable review widget takes in reviews from both Google and Facebook and displays them on your site.  They always stay up to date with the most current reviews.  Your widget can be installed on any type of website including WordPress.

Within your customization options, you can:

  • Choose multiple Google and Facebook accounts to pull reviews in from
  • Choose the layout (list, grid or masonry) for your widget
  • Write your own heading and description for your review widget
  • Choose the colors for any aspect of the widget
  • Choose a light or dark theme to fit into the look and feel of your website

For your review widget to function properly, you must have already synced your Google and Facebook accounts.

Configuring Your Review Widget

Log into the Please Review Us platform at

Click on Reputation from the left sidebar and then choose Widgets from the top


Next go to Create New from the top left


Customized the widget as you choose - Click SAVE


*NOTE Do not use the "Minimum Ratings"  if you reside in a jurisdiction where review filtering is prohibited (such as the United States)


Grab the code generated and place in your website


Not tech savvy?  No Problem...

Just contact support from our Chat Widget on and we can install it for your for a small charge.