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Customizable review widget for your website that blends all your Google Business Profiles Reviews. prev next what we do Streamline your review process freeing up your time and getting more reviews for your business. PRU the ai bot Let PRU the AI Bot ask your clients for reviews and follow up for you by text and Email. show off
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Please Review Us

Now you can get more reviews by automatically sending texts and emails to your clients requesting a Google or Facebook Review - followed with an AI generated responses

By now, everyone knows that positive Google and Facebook reviews are great for business.  Unfortunately, most professionals are too busy to send multiple requests to their past customers and follow up each review with a response.

Now you can get more reviews with Please Review Us!

Please Review Us sends out a series of text messages compounded by multiple emails over a six week period to ensure that your client posts a review.

We leverage the power of AI to automate a response to every review in a similar tone of which it is written.

We use PRU our AI Bot to stop the campaign as soon as they leave a review.

Lastly, we display all of your reviews prominently on your website for social proof

You will never have to worry about how to ask for a review again. 

Please Review Us Features

  • Automated review requests 

  • Google reviews

  • Facebook reviews

  • AI generated review responses 

  • Automate your reviews with AI

  • Strategically stagers branded texts and emails over six weeks 

  • Review widget for embedding reviews on your website

  • A2P 10DLC Messaging Compliant for the highest delivery rates

Please Review Us Pricing


$50 One-Time Setup

Up to 25 Reviews per month

Great for Realtors & Contractors

Google & Facebook Reviews

Automated, AI Responses

Multiple eMails & Texts

Website Review Widget

Toll Free Number




$50 One-Time Setup

Up to 100 Reviews per month

Great for Clinics, Dentists, CPAs & Attorneys

Google & Facebook Reviews

Automated, AI Responses

Multiple eMails & Texts

Website Review Widget

Bulk Upload Option

A2P 10DLC Compliant

Local Number


$50 One-Time Setup

Up to 200 Reviews per Month

Great for Higher Volume Businesses

Google & Facebook Reviews

Automated, AI Responses

Multiple eMails & Texts

Website Review Widget

Bulk Upload

A2P 10DLC Compliant

Local Number

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Boost your SEO

If you own a local business, you know how important it is for your Business Profile to appear when customers search on Google. A great review profile provides brand credibility. Increase conversion and click through rates as well as overall trust for your brand.  

As for local SEO, one of the most powerful ranking factors for your Google Business Profile is the quantity and ratings of your Google Reviews.

Automating your entire Google and Facebook Review ecosystem maximizes your reviews with the absolute least amount of effort.

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google reviews
automated google reviews

Fully Automated Reviews

We have proven templates for the text and emails written for you.

We strategically send multiple review requests via both text message and email channels.

Upon receipt, we wait 3-6 hours and use AI to write a review response in your voice.

All you do is input your client's name, email, and phone number into our system; we handle the rest, automating the process for you.

More Information

Reviews Made Easy

Upon signing up for Please Review Us, we give you access to your Dashboard where you can send one-off review requests or upload a CSV file of past clients.

Each text and email tactfully uses your customers name as well as being branded with your brand and logo.

We schedule all client communications for you, all you need to do is provide their name, email and phone number.

Your Dashboard shows your reviews, goals, sentiment and other reputation management metrics.

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Great Google Reviews


Grant Clayton
Grant Clayton
Founder and CEO of 1 Percent Lists

We use Please Review Us on all of our client reviews. It's super easy and makes sure we have only the best reviews posted to Google.

Grant Clayton
Brandon Joy
Owner of Geaux Event Rentals

Please Review Us has been an amazing service for our company. We have always known that Google reviews are super important for small businesses. Now we get more reviews and the whole process is automated. I can't recommend these guys enough.

Get More Reviews with AI

In 2024, positive Google and Facebook reviews are essential for every business because they help to build trust, establish relationships, increase conversion and generate online leads.  Your online reputation matters more than you think.

Reputation Management in 2024

Your business' success and growth will depend on your online reputation.  Large, successful brands understand that positive reviews on Google are critical to present their brand in a positive light and show past customers are satisfied.

The Trick to More Reviews is Simple

The key to acquiring more Google reviews lies in maintaining a steady, constant approach. The challenge is that consistently reaching out to every customer can be an overwhelming task. Utilizing an automated system to dispatch review requests guarantees that every everyone you engage with is provided with the chance to share their feedback.  Most business owners don't have the time or patience to have multiple follow ups with each and every client.  Check out our page on How Please Review Us Works.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

We leverage AI to systematically send branded texts and emails to all your previous clients over a six-week timeframe. Once a review is submitted, our AI promptly responds in a professional manner within six hours.

Customized Reviews for your Website

Social proof is important for any business. We also provide a widget that can be customized to your branding that displays Facebook and/or Google Reviews.  Your widget will automatically update with new reviews from Google and Facebook and provide a "leave a review" button. Our website widget can bring in reviews from multiple Google Business Profiles as well as multiple Facebook business pages.

Your Online Reputation

Reviews can influence potential customers’ decisions to purchase products or services, and can even help businesses gain more visibility in search engine results pages. Ranking at the top of Google makes your business look more reputable and trustworthy in addition to driving direct traffic. 77% of people read online reviews before making a purchase decision, and they are often swayed by what others are saying about a certain product or service.

Better Visibility on Search Engines

Another reason why having positive reviews on Google is important is that they help your business rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). Google uses various criteria such as relevance, location, quality of content, number of backlinks, reviews and more to determines who is at the top.

Positive ratings from genuine customers will increase your visibility in Google Maps.  Local SEO, which is ranking in Google's Map Pack, is heavily influenced by the quality and quantity of reviews on your Google Business Profile.

Brand Reputation

Your brand's online reputation IS the quality and quantity of your reviews. Many people today use social media to find who to do business with.  That's why Please Review Us incorporates Facebook reviews into our system. Potential customers will associate your company with the quality of the reviews of your past clients.

PRU the AI Bot for the WIN

Knowing you need more reviews doesn't make it happen. Please Review Us uses the most cutting edge technology to get you more reviews. Let PRU the AI Bot ask your past clients for reviews and follow up for you.

Still have a question?  View our FAQs

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